Book 11 for those interested

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Book 11 for those interested

Post by Albedo » Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:23 pm

Welcome to Book 11! This post will give an overview of the changes, with full release notes coming when Book 11 is pushed to the live servers.

Book 11 brings lots of changes - here are some, but by no means all of them!

* The Month of the Lore-master
* The Month of the Minstrel
* Player Housing - Individual and Kinship
* Goblin Town
* New areas - Trollshaws: Tâl Bruinen, and Misty Mountains: Northern Pass, Southern Pass, and Goblin Town
* DirectX10 Support! (click here for more info!)
* Monster player "Warband Maneuvers"
* Monster play - new skills!
* New raid: The Rift!
* First appearance of a Balrog
* First appearance of Gollum (new instance)
* More work on the crafting system (400 new recipes!)
* Harvest Festival
* Yule Festival
* 60+ New Quests, including the continuation of the epic quest arc
* 9 new Deeds


You have wrested the palantír from Amarthiel, but not before she learned what she sought to learn: a clue to the location of Narchuil, the ring she lost at the Battle of Fornost. She turns her gaze eastward seeking to recover Narchuil, and the Dúnedain find themselves with few means of stopping her advance, save one: Calenglad believes that Mordrambor, the Black Númenórean held prisoner by the Dúnedain, may be the key to ending Amarthiel?s ambitions.

Expanded Functionality

Lore-master Revamp (?Month of the Lore-master?)

* Overview:
o Fill out level 40-50 skills
o Better skills for fighting Undead, Drakes and Creatures of Nature
o A new Pet - the Lynx!
o Diminishing returns on Crowd Control skills (PvMP)
o Examine Enemy Weakness ability
o Tier Based Cures
o Cute ?critter? pets - 8 non-combat pets!

Minstrel Revamp (?Month of the Minstrel?)

* Overview
o Fill out level 40-50 skills
o Enhance music features:
+ Minstrels will be able to train other players to use instruments both directly and via created items
+ 3 new Instruments: Bagpipes, Cowbell and Moor Cowbell.
o More effective solo play:
+ War-Speech toggle stance opens up new skills:
# Call to the Elder King (Damage+debuff)
# Call to the Second Age (Damage+buff)
# Chat of the Oathbreaker (damage+debuff)
+ New damage-type instruments
# Equipping new instruments will change the damage type of your skills
o Better Buffing and Support:
+ New trait to increase length of ballad buffs.
+ 2 new ?Tale? auras:
# Tale of Battle (+VIT and +wound resistance)
# Tale of Warding (+AC and +Hope)
+ Call to Fellowship (Increases fellowship effectiveness)
o Better Healing:
+ Chord of Salvation (Insta-heal)
+ Gift of the Hammerhead (Power-shield)
o Fun Stuff:
+ Irresistible Melody (nearby players break into dance)
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Post by Xelissa » Wed Oct 03, 2007 1:27 pm

+ 3 new Instruments: Bagpipes, Cowbell and Moor Cowbell. this for real? O.o

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