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Recruitment Policy

Post by moui » Mon May 19, 2008 3:37 pm

Recruitment Process (standard)

Step 1: Any officer can issue trial membership[1]; please remember to use good judgment and only involve those folks that actually have a chance to fit in.

Step 2: Officer involved must provide the following information to a Recruiting Administrator within 24hrs via E-mail or forum PM (vent and in-game tells are okay if a response is given; if no response is given, assume the message was not received.) RA will then track the timeline (see below for timeline).

Step 3: Initiate must post official application on these forums within 48hrs of being granted trial membership. The two-week trial period begins at the time of this posting.

Step 4: After trial period, a vote[2] lasting 48hrs will be initiated. All veterans must vote within the 48hr period or officially abstain (exception can be made with prior notice of absence). This vote will either raise the initiate to full member, or remove them from the guild.

Step 5: After one month, member may be considered for veteran status. Veteran status is granted through nomination by a veteran or officer and successful 2/3 majority vote. There is no limit to the number of nominations. Member is not informed of nomination unless vote is successful (process needed).

Recruitment Process (friend of current veteran+)
Granted immediate "member status".

Recruitment Process (friend of friend of current veteran+ / friend of current member)
Granted immediate "initiate" status: see "standard" policy.


[1] Initiates are not granted vent or forum access; however, they will be given invite only vent trials.

[2] When voting to grant member status, only vote "yes" if you authentically think the person WILL fit in... NOT if you think they MIGHT.


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