Patch Notes - June 9th 2008

By Crom...what went wrong?
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Patch Notes - June 9th 2008

Post by Nokturnal » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:09 pm

It's a big one today:

* By popular demand we have added a new "Level up" sound effect.
* Player Building tooltip displays correct predecessor information now.
* Fixed some randomness in when you would see the tutorial popup flags.
* Trading with another player will no longer cause traded items to appear in the incorrect inventory tab.
* Removed the commandline to setting hotkeys since it was only intended to debug hotkeys before the GUI was there
* The "usable items only" checkbox with traders should now work as intended.
* The facemarking 'Freckles' should now work for new characters.
* Minor issue with tradeposts and setting up items for auction has been resolved.
* Corrected several animations for mobs as well as NPCs during cut scenes.
* Increased the xp gained from group normal mobs and group bosses.
* Players will now be able to experience the destiny event in the Field of Chiefs.
* New voice over for some of the events in the Capture The Skull minigame.
* More client and server crashes resolved.


* Evadebonuses are now applied when you are being attacked from behind.
* Players with Shield of the Risen will not be affected by secondary effects from combos.


* If you drag a chat window with only one tab in it over the tab-bar of another chat window it will now be added as a tab to that window (inserted before the tab that the mouse is over in the "target" window).
* When pressing enter the input focus will by default go to the last active chat tab rather than the selected "default tab". The previous behaviour can be achieved by checking the "Default Window" menu entry for one of the tabs.
* Tweaked the areas you click to resize the chat window to make them easier to use.


* Guild Feats: It should now show a scrollbar.
* Buff icons no longer get stuck on after teleporting or talking to an npc.
* Resolved a GUI related crash when clicking on the bank (broker).
* Fixed an issue causing buffs placed outside the currently visible area of shortcut bars to still flash when ending cooldown.
* Whisper replies now always go to the chat tab you sent the original message from, in addition to the tab that is subscribed to the "Tell" channel.
* Added some missing class icons used by the team/raid GUI.
* Raid leaders now have an orange name in the raid GUI.
* Removed an unused hotkey (Show chat config).


* The weapons should now always appear sheathed in the character selection screen.
* Potions: Fixed an issue with the stamina potion 'Old Redrouse', it will now get consumed when used.
* The 'Nemedian War Flail' has been renamed to 'Nemedian Mace'.
* The Rending Strike and Rupturing Strike proc from some equipment will no longer linger on the target indefinitely.


* Gemmed items should now work (giving bonuses) and viewing them should no longer crash the client ==> UPDATE: This issue has not been fixed with the latest Patch. We will provide you with more information about this asap..
* Becoming a Woodcutter should no longer erroneously tell you that you've learned the 'Evading Roll' combo.
* Harvesting: Script now keeps track of the persons that are using a resource node. This prevents the user from trying to use it twice and thus not harvesting anything at all.


* Monsters 4 levels or higher will now correctly have increased evade and immunity chance.
* Resource gathering npcs will now display the '?' over their heads when you have the goal and items to return to them.
* Princess Akivasha now attacks back when attacked in Sanctum of the Burning Souls.
* The encounters in the Armsman's Arena should be less chaotic.
* Demonic Pict will no longer try to cast spells at players without being able to do so.
* The Quest NPC's for the Frost Swamp, Imerian Ravine and Oasis of Zaara have been shuffled around in the Resource and Building playfields to make it easier for players to spot them amongst all the other tradeskill NPC's


* Movement speed of pets have been increased both in and out of combat.


* The Armsman's Arena is now a private instance.



* Contract of Protection, Protection of Set, and Runed Flesh now have 1 hour cooldown. While any of the three is active, the player will temporarily receive a 'Weakened Protection' debuff indicating if the maximum amount of absorbed damage has been expended until the shield refreshes.
* The maximum damage Protection of Set and Runed Flesh can absorb before failing has been increased by 50%
* The Archmage feat has been moved to the 2nd tier of the Mage general tree

Player Characters


* The base splash damage inflicted by Fires of Gehenna has been increased from 10% to 30%
* The base splash damage inflicted by Shockstrike has been increased from 15% to 20%
* The base column radius of Hellfire Stream has been increased by 1 meter
* Hellfire Stream and Shock have received a minor damage increase
* Inferno of Amher and Shockblast have had their cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds
* The splash damage bonus of Discharge Shockstrike has been increased to 100%
* Swift Shockstrike now additionally increases the damage of Shockstrike by 1/2/3/4/5%
* Shock now has 35% splash damage, up to 3 targets and 3 meters from the primary target
* Shockstrike and Shock have had their base chance to crit increased
* The scaling of the Shock spell has been corrected, leading to a damage increase at most levels
* The bonus of the Lingering Flames feat on the Incinerate effect has been increased from 30% to 250% at maximum rank
* The casting time of Detonation has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds
* Living Thunderstorm and Living Firestorm now correctly use a percentage-based manacost
* Living Thunderstorm should now correctly appear in the hostile spells tab
* The casting time of Infernal Knowledge, Diabolic Insight, Mark of Dagon, Shield of Infernal Flames, Abaddoron Warrior, Mystic Suppression, Cursed by Hell, and Cursed by the Heavens have been reduced by 50%
* The beneficial effect of the Pact of Earth Walking spell has been increased from 200% to 400%
* Pact of Earth Walking is now instant cast


* Fixed a bug causing the available pet point indicator in the pet list GUI to sometimes show 0 points available rather than the actual number.
* Spellweaving can be cast and cancelled normally now.

Dark Templar

* 'Mystical Bane' combo: The damage dealt by the Incinerate Ether component of Mystical Bane combos will now correctly deal 50% of the mana burned to be consistent with other power burn effects.

Priest of Mitra

* Revivication Feat: The healing effect granted by the Revivication feat will no longer fail to trigger if the Priest is level 65.
* Condemnation now receives a partial cooldown if the spell does not complete channelling.
* Purification procs will no longer incorrectly apply a cooldown to Condemnation.


* Barbarian's should no longer be unable to attack or move directly after performing any rank of their 'Savage Rage' combo.
* 'No Escape' combo should now always give you a cooldown when used and you will always get disarmed.

Herald of Xotli

* 'Fire Lance' combo now only needs 3 attacksteps to execute so it can be triggered faster. The combo now also hits targets a bit further away than before making it more effective.


* Combo 'Throat Slash' has been corrected to be a spear attack instead of a ranged attack.

Tempest of Set

* Mark of Set now has the correct casting animation and effect for all ranks.


* Updated quest journals of "Phoenix of the East" to reflect new position of NCP General Tatius.
* Fixed animation problem where Arias could not decide to sit or stand during conversation.
* Ninus and Si-Khu will reliably spawn when logging out near the Temple of Mitra.
* The access quest for the Armsman's Arena revamped.
* The Phoenix of the North: Resolved an issue with Mithrelle not standing up if not viewing the small cutscene.
* Resolved an issue that forces quests to not update on zoning.
* Wagon Wreck: Revamped with a new quest goal.
* The Poisoned Cup: Revamped with more interaction with the objects in the quest.
* The Curse of the Werewolves: Slight enhancement on quest targets.
* Wolf Hunt: Slight enhancement on quest targets.
* Greater Prey: Slight enhancement on quest targets.
* Death to the Vanir: Slight enhancement on quest completion.
* Finding Safe Passage: Revamped with a new quest goal.
* Captives of the White Hand: Revamped with a new quest goal.
* The Cheiftains Vengeance: Revamped with a new quest goal.
* Wolves at our Throats: Revamped with a new quest goal.
* Bartholomo's Wife will respawn more often, if you happen to kill her before required to by the quest 'The Awakening III'
* It should be easier to deal with Renton's Corrupt Friends when doing the quest Awakening II
* Sanctum of the Burning Souls: The boss drop 'Bloodtainted Hoop' will no longer end up in the quest inventory.
* Field of the Dead: 'Fur of Bloodclaw' will no longer end up in the quest inventory.
* Tarantia Noble: Improved these quests: Bloodroot, Concealing the Chinks, Purging the Fallen, Source of Contagion.
* The Lurking Horror: The Area marker is now set on the map
* Pool of Black Blood: Quest now updates when you kill the Lesser Black Ones as well.
* The Slave Rebellion: Replaced radius with a fixed waypoint for one of the goals.
* Fetching Fungi: A waypoint will now lead the way to Sanctum, and to the mushrooms inside.
* Lifting the Curse: Waypoint will now lead you to the Sanctum of Burning Souls.
* The Sinister Sepulcher: Orb is now destructible, and all the Undead Thralls in the area will update the quest.
* The Black Skulls: Corrected some wrong waypoints.
* Fleet of Mouth: Cycaelus has upped the difficulty. You now need to beat his record on half the time you needed before


* Gemmed items should now work (giving bonuses) and viewing them should no longer crash the client. ==> UPDATE: This issue has not been fixed with the latest Patch. We will provide you with more information about this asap..

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Post by bluexy » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:42 pm

Don't forget the secret updates:
* Horses move faster
* You no longer fall through the Guild City gates
* Party members now show on zone maps
* Summon to Instance is now enabled.
* Trade skill resource stacking has been improved
* Experience to level has been slightly reduced for lower and mid levels, and Increased at the higher levels. Still working on the specifics. Exp curve has definantly been altered.(See exp change confirmation below)
* Some of the Hyborian Foliage has taken a vacation.
* 'Crouch' ability added, allowing you to slowly move through others. crouch is 200% slower then not-rogue hide and after using crouch you get -100% PvP defence rating.
* Some Bugged resources have been sorted
* Hair still sticks through your helmet but is now the right color rather then blonde.
* Guard AI greatly improved.
* dance ability now tells you of combos
* Regional chat is now in so you can chat with players multiple zones away.
* Attributes (Str, dex, wis, con, int) now have different describtions when you hover over them.
* The Info box for items should no longer display off of your screen when you mouse over items in your inventory.
* Swimming underwater is much clearer now.
* Combat messages in the chat log have had their colors redone.
* Many are reporting increases in FPS. (Could be due to the Foilage nerf)
* The "show quest indicators" toggle on the map now works. It used to turn off everything BUT quest indicators.
* can now change instances at 20m from rez stones, up from 5m
* Icon pops up when you get mail, working now.
* Throwing spears now still show in hand after throwing the first one (used to just be animation of throwing them w/out a spear being held)
* Resting while afflicted by a DoT effect now properly sets you back into Rest position after taking damage from the DoT.
* Outgoing /tell color used to be yellow, now it's purple.
* Some flora & fauna now appears graduallly and not in chunks, for your viewing experience.
* Some are reporting Grey quests no longer give EXP rewards. Appears some grey quests are still giving exp. Need some clarification.
* Server load indicator at character select screen now display as Low, Medium, or High Load, instead of "normal" load

Settings Menu
* Sound sliders in Audio Options changed from 0-100%, to 10-step sliders.
* New Option in the video settings about Particles(possibly bugged, by not saving what you set it to after re-logging.)
* 'Ambience' sound slider in Audio Options removed.
* Bloom Lighting has been optimized. Doesnt take near the FPS hit when enabled.
* You no longer get stuck when running down steep terrain. You can also run more eaisly up steep terrain.

*Parry Has Been Increased Significantly, Especially In Active Block.

* The climbable vines in Villa Lentulus have been fixed and now show as climb locations
* The quest givers for the guild zones have been moved to the entrance of each
* Line of sight issue in Atzels Fortress improved/partially fixed.
* Halls of eternal frost is itemized now. All bosses are now dropping loot.

* Necro spell Mark of the Devourer bugged. Persists on target even after your death, causing you to res with aggro and be ganked by mobs at the spawn point.
* Ice strike now does splash damage (about 40% of main nuke) without feats
* Pestilential blast now does splash damage (40% of spell damage) without feats
* 'Unimaginable Terror' now has a 45 sec cooldown.

* Rangers now have to stand up after certain combos before being able to move again, basicly it means we're imobile while the final shot is being charged.
* Leg hold trap symbol when placed is now red.

* Overreach reduced in power. Apprently reduced by 40-60% damage. Strikes that were hitting for 1200-1500 overreach III now hitting for 600-700

Herald of Xotli
* Fire Lance reduced in stamina cost, damage and is now a 2-step Combo. Reduction seems to be ~25-40%

* Some items have had their appearance changed aparantly. One confirmed item being the Vashian Tunic.
* spellbane cloak from the sanctum quest has 0.3% immunity when it used to be 0.00. Seems that many, if not all, cloaks have had Immunity specs tweaked which used to be 0.00. The cloak of ibis has 0.8 immunity, the woodwarders cloak as has 0.8 immunity

Confirmed Bugs Introduced
* There is a bug with group members showing up on zone map. After they leave the group, the blue icon still displays on the zone map and the blue arrow still displays on the minimap.
* Resource nodes become unresponsive if you are interrupted in gathering, either by being attacked or moving.
* Jumping and attempting to spin the camera with A or D keys causes you to become stuck until Landing again. Overall Camera movement is much more jerky and stuttering. Not nearly as fluid as it used to be when doing alot of camera movement.

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Post by Albedo » Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:02 am

SECRET notes?! O_o Where'd you find those?

So WTF, they have SOME Necro changes but not a lot? Where's my decreased mana cost!!!!!?????
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Post by manekineko » Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:40 am

The firelance/overreach nerf has people up in arms to the max. Stay very, very far away from those forums for the time being.

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Post by shimdic » Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:37 pm

They need to fucking put back the ambience slider back in. It is louder than anything else currently music-wise for me in game. It got so annoying, I had to turn off my sound completely.

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Post by manekineko » Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:15 am

They also need to fix the sounds for casting HoTs. Seriously, with more than 1 priest class in the party, my ears start bleeding. *high pitched squeeeeeeeal* over and over and over ><

/rant off


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