FIX YOUR CUSTOM UI (July 10th Update)

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FIX YOUR CUSTOM UI (July 10th Update)

Post by Xelissa » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:15 pm

Funcom seriously screwed a lot of UIs today, but the good news is that it's fixable.

1. Change all of your version numbers to the current version
( has a tool to do this)

2. Check and apply the following fixes:
(From ... stcount=11)
Hey folkes i have the same problem so i opened them up in browser.

I got an error in the HUDVIEW file saying tage were not closed.

What to do, right click and edit the file.
Go to the very bottom and under the last </VIEW> insert two more underneath eachother so the bottom of the fil lookd like this.


This seemed to work for me.

Bomttom Bars issues.

right click and edit BottomBar and search for the following


What you are looking for is a bit where ther is no space between the text before it

e.g. hotkeyrange_length="7"slot_bg_gfx="bottombars

Insert a space so your code looks like this

hotkeyrange_length="7" slot_bg_gfx="bottombars
((Space between the quotes around the number and slot_bg_gfx))

There are two instances where i found this.

Make sure to save both files and run the game you should be good to go.

Id just like to not that im no xml expert but this seems to work, iv been using it for about 30 minutes without any issues.

Hope this helps

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