Guild-City Neighbors?

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Guild-City Neighbors?

Post by Siori » Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:04 am

Good Morning to everyone in Underpowered.

I was perusing your forums/guild-site in the attempt to confirm something. I do believe if I am correct that your guild, and mine are neighbors in the Plains. Yours to the west, mine to the north.

For the longest time we couldn't figure out who our neighbors were and it made us curious. I couldn't get anything from my guys beyond "I think I saw an 'un-something' guild-tag." One person actually said "I think it was underpowered" Me being me thought they were joking. ^_^

Suddenly the plot next to ours has an almost complete T1 City. Yet, I still haven't seen anyone in the zone. -_- so I went and search the "official guild list thread" Go figure there actually was a guild called underpowered.

So after sitting here and debating I finally figured wth I might as well introduce myself. I am Siori, GM of Drunken Maulers. Since we're in the same zone, and odds are going to be farming it at the same time at some point or another I can't really know for sure what will happen. For all I know we might end up on each others KoS lists. But, you guys seem interesting to say the least, so I hope even if we do kill each other we can at least be at some level, friends.

I lost my point somewhere in there... guess I need to go sharpen my brain again. Oh well... this post was just a friendly hello from us over here.

-- Siori, Drunken Maulers.

EDIT: I actually just remember what I wanted to say. PvP is one thing, we all enjoy a good fight every now and again. But, If any Drunken Mauler is harassing your members, in tells, or just being plain dicks to you guys. Please Screen-Shot it and let me know. That stuff just doesn't fly with us.

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Post by manekineko » Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:35 am

Hello Siori, and welcome to our forums!

Yes, we're the ones in the Plains, instance Lambda. It's nice to hear from our neighbors! We do enjoy some nice PVP, so perhaps we might arrange a bit of that!

Above all, it's nice to see someone reaching out at all. There are a lot of imbeciles playing AoC (although I guess it's that way in every MMO, eh?), and it's nice to be able to make friends in such an atmosphere.

Maybe we'll hop on and see if anyone is around your city. Feel free to add my name to your friends list--I'm Derrick.

See you in game!

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Post by shimdic » Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:44 am

Hey neighbors! I was wondering who was to the north, I'm glad it isn't Menace or some obnoxious guild.

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Post by moui » Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:57 pm

hey! glad you posted, sounds like we can probably get along :P

we'll return your anti-harrasment sentiment; if anyone's being a dick, let someone know (Takako, Moui, Albedo, Phoebe) and we'll address it! Although, just about everyone playing is a GM and been around forever so... it should be pretty unlikely.

-Moui, Bear Shaman
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Post by Xelissa » Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:03 pm

Hi Siori!

It sounds like we have pretty similar feelings about PVP - we love a good fight, but we realize it's just a game, and the mud-slinging is bad times. I believe I've seen a couple of your guild members around (probably in Old Tarantia), but I don't think anything else!

It's really nice to see someone civil around in Age of Conan (I've pretty much given up all hope), and better yet, they're neighbors! We are in the Plains, supposedly instance 14, but these things change due to the number of instances open.

I think most of us would be down for some friendly scrims or maybe even running some instances together! Who knows? Most of us are in our Mid-70's right now. We only really have about 6-8 people who play. We're a small guild and a few people in our guild have quit AoC. Feel free to pop back over and say "hello!"

-Takako, PoM

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Post by Albedo » Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:56 pm

Hi Siori!

That's awesome that you found us. Yeah, we've been toiling away to get the city up and going. Currently working to get done with tier one architect so we can upgrade the buildings...walls are frickin' expensive.

Sounds like we have a good guild in our area and that makes me happy. :) It seems a lot of guilds/people in this game are asshats, so I'm glad to see we're paired with a guild that looks like it isn't. :)

Say hi in game :)

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