Where to go after the Isle of Dawn

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Where to go after the Isle of Dawn

Post by Xelissa » Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:12 pm

So I was trying to look up where the "best" place to go after the Isle of Dawn was, and I found this forum thread:

As for after IoD, I would defintely go to Qalia. The main dungeon on Thestra outside of Renton's is a HUGE undercon place, and Tsang's Tomb got a recent nerf. This leaves the Ksaravi as a great leveling and gearing place.

10-20 Qa Riverbank/Ksaravi Gulch/Tuathon Delta

20-30 Hunters League quests in Skrilien point/Trengal keep on Thestra/River Valley in Qalia for late 20s.

30-40 Solo = River Valley, Cragwind Ridge, River Palace, seawatch coast, dragon's backbone | group = Wardship quests, Dargun's Tomb

40-50 = Plains of Anguish, Beranid Hills, Razad, Tricksters, Swamps.
They seem to know what they're talking about - but this was dated back in January (though I don't think they've changed too much since then? I know that the last big patch was quite awhile ago). And it would be nice to have some kind of rough, rough plan of attack.

But I know that Terry thought Qalia was kind of boring, so we could always opt for somewhere else. And I'm sure wherever we'll go will be fine.


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