Useful Vanguard Links

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Useful Vanguard Links

Post by Xelissa » Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:17 pm

* TenTonHammer's Vanguard Guides - Great resource about the classes, races, mechanics, quests, etc.
* DiploWiki - Tons of information about Diplomacy in general as well as a huge Diplomacy quest database
* World of Telon Map - Great map of Telon, squared off into little "zones"
* Daroken's VGComposer - Song builder for bards
*Bard FAQ - Some great information for bards, and some information how to set up some useful macros on a bard

* Official Vanguard Forums (SOE) - A lot of player advice. Also, links to forums about each archetype and class.
* DroxUI2.6.5.1 - After testing a lot of interfaces, I found this one to be a) the least intrusive, and b) the most customizeable. It still receives updates unlike many other interfaces still available. Enjoy!
* CoreUI31.7.1 - The other popular interface people use. You can decide which you prefer.
* Vanguard Crafters - An up-to-date forum with active members with tons of crafting info.
* Silky Venom - a forum that is less active but still has a lot of useful information. Read though it, but treat it like an archive.
* Vanguard Links - A list of other helpful links for your reading pleasure.

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