Leveling guide!

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Leveling guide!

Post by manekineko » Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:16 pm

Where Do I Go? Leveling from 1 - 60

We've all wondered where do we go next. So here's a helpful guide on where to go along with the locations of each of these areas.

Level 1 - 13 Starting Region:

* Elves: Cellondim/Duillond/Gondoman
* Dwarves: Thorin's Gate/Nogland/Gondoman
* Hobbits: Michel Delving/Hobbiton/Overhill/Brokenborings
* Humans: Archet/Combe/Staddle

Level 13 - 15:
My recommendation is to travel to one of the 10 - 13 level cities and complete quests there. They will be Blue and Green, easy to complete, and will get you levels rather quick.

Elves/Dwarves: Swift travel to Bree and complete quests in Staddle/Combe
Humans/Hobbits: Swift travel to Cellondim and complete quests in Duillond/Gondoman

Level 15 - 17:
At this point I would head to Breeland. Find quests within Bree and at Adso's Camp (29S, 56.8W), Buckland (33.3S, 62.4W), and Falco's Folly (26S, 53.9W). You should also be able to work through Book 1 very easily.
Click here for a Book One Walkthrough.

Adso's Camp will have you running around the Southern Bree-fields. Buckland will send you into the Old Forest. This can be tough, but there are some great maps and resources available here and here. Falco's Folly will begin sending you into the North Bree-fields for a few quests.

Level 17 - 20:
Now you have two options to choose from. You can solo quests from the Forsaken Inn located in the Lonelands. Or you can begin the series of quests in the Barrow-downs located in Breeland. The first few quests in the Barrow-downs are solo's, but they quickly turn into quests that you will need to complete with fellowships. All of these quests will eventually end with a series of instanced quests in the games first major instance, The Greater Barrows. This instance is designed for level 21 - 25 in my opinion.
You should also be able to complete Book 1 during these levels.

Level 21 - 25:
Now to begin Book 2. Click here for a Book 2 Walkthrough. You should also begin trying to get into a Greater Barrows run. There are 5 quests here to complete. Each of these will net you some good gear as well as great experience.

You can also make your way to Ost Guruth in the Lonelands to continue through your Lonelands quests. Ost Guruth is located at 31.3S, 29.6W. If you work through some of the Fellowship quests during these levels you should easily hit 25 without having to travel to Trestlebridge. But if you are running a bit low you can begin a few quests at Trestlebridge in the Northdowns (head north out of Bree following the road).

Level 25 - 30:
At this point the Northdowns will be your primary home for awhile. You can complete quests in Trestlebridge, Amon Raith (12.6S, 52.8W), Meluinin (13.7S, 44.9W), Othrikar (6.9S, 44.9W) and Esteldin (9.7S, 42.1W). The Northdowns is full of quests and you shouldn't have a tough time completing most of them.

You should also complete Book 2 during your last few levels back in the Lonelands. When you complete this book a series of quests in the region of Agamaur will open up (29.7S, 27.3W). These quests lead to the instance of Garth Argawen, the second major instance for the game. There are a total of 9 quests to complete inside of this instance. I would begin these quests around level 32. It's tough inside of there, but there is great loot and experience to be made their.
You can begin Book 3 in the Northdowns during this time as well.
Click here for a Book 3 Walkthrough.

Level 31 - 35:
Now you have the chance to travel to Esteldim located North of the Shire and West of Northdowns. You can begin quests in Oatbarton (23.4S, 67.4W). These quests will lead you up to Tinnundur (12.2S, 67.4W). You will also still be able to work through quests in Esteldim (which sends you primarily to Dol Dinen in Fellowship quests). You can also begin running Garth Argwen back in the Lonelands if you like.

During this time I would finish Book 3 as well. Don't forget to begin saving you money as well because at 35 you will be able to get your very own mount.
Click here for the guide "Your Very Own Mount".

At 34 you can also begin to make your way into the Trollshaws. Head to Ost Guruth in Lonelands and follow the road East across The Last Bridge. You can stop by a camp at 34S, 20.2W for a few easy quests or make your way to Thorenhad at 31.7S, 15W for a few quests. Eventually continue along the road and make your way to Rivendell (the most beautiful city in the game)! This trek to Rivendell can be tough, but it is possible. You can grind a bit on the easier mobs near the Last Bridge if you are just looking for experience.

Level 35 - 40:
This was actually one of the toughest grinds for me, but with the release of Evendim it has become amazingly easier! You can finish up your quests at Tinnundur in Evendim and make your way north to Ost Forod for a few more quests. Complete your quests in Esteldim (some lead you into the Ram Duath in south Angmar. The Trollshaws will have some quests in Thorenhad and Rivendell for you as well. You can also begin on Book 4.

At around 38 you can also begin to get a group for the next major instance, Fornost, located north of Amon Raith in Northdowns. This is a tough instance, but yet again the loot and experience make it worthwhile. I believe that there are 7 quests inside this instance.

If you need to grind some experience you can always spend some time just outside of Rivendell grinding on the easier mobs for decent, albeit not great, experience.

Level 40 - 50:
At this point you've several options. Angmar, the Misty Mountains, Goblin Town and Forochel. Angmar has quests in Lehma-Koti (3S, 39.1W), Auguhair (3N, 39.5W), and South Angmar . Misty Mountain quests are mostly found in Rivendell or Gloin's Camp (24.9S, 3.8W). You should visit Goblin town at 43-44, finish book V and start book VI in Misty Mountain and Angmar and don't forget Forochel around 45-50 level. Of course ability to solo in areas will depend on class. Books VII - XI are waiting for you and also Goblin Town, and Rift.
You can also travel to the Ettenmores to take part in PvMP as part of the Free Peoples.
There are a number of instances that are available as well.

Level 48 - 53:
The quests in Eregion are around 48-53.

Level 53 - 60:
The quests in Moria.

Level 57 - 60:
The quests in Nimrodel.

There are always extra places and other options that become available to you as you make your way through Eriador. Good luck on your adventures as you rise to the top to reclaim Middle Earth for the Free Peoples.

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