Warden Class Traits

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Warden Class Traits

Post by Xelissa » Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:56 pm

So on my warden I was worrying about how I would know what triggers different class traits, since I was assuming that most of them would require using certain gambits X number of times. What if there was a trait I wanted, but it required a gambit I never used? How would I find out?

I found a list of what you have to do for each of the warden's class traits (link http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/60404# ... ass_Traits, but the colors are kind of hard to read for me) I've added the levels that I believe you can start these deed tracts from lorebook

(Level) Name

*(1) Know Your Enemy (FIST SET)
Your Goad can Now affect 3 additonal targets. +3 Goad Targets
Strike with Goad 200 times

*(1) Efficient Thrust (SPEAR SET)
-40% Quick Thrust power cost.
Strike with Quick Thrust 200 times

*(1) Skill and Power (SPEAR SET)
+30% Gambit Default Damage
Strike with Deft Strike 200 times

*(1) Wary Blocks (SHIELD SET)
+10% defense buff strike duration
Strike with Defensive Strike 200 times.

*(6) Find Weakness (SPEAR SET)
+1020 Critical Strike Critical Rating
Achieve Critical Hits with Critical Strike 75 times

*(6) Deadly Insult (FIST SET)
-2244 Warden's Taunt Resist Rating
Strike with Warden's Taunt 250 Times

*(6) Shield Trickery (SHIELD SET)
Add 10% to chance for block bonus when using shield bash.
Strike with Shield-Bash 250 times

*(6) Skillful Blocking (SHIELD SET)
+408 Block Rating
Block Attacks 500 Times

*(15) Efficient Shield Work (SHIELD SET)
-5% to Shield Gambit power cost.
Strike with Shield Up 350 times

*(15) A Keen Response (FIST SET)
earn the A Keen Response deed, which provides +15% warden fist skills physical damage.
Strike with Precise Blow 350 Times

*(15) Strong Voice (FIST SET)
Your war cry has a chance to fear your enemies for a short time.
Strike with War Cry 500 times

*(15) Never Say Die (SHIELD SET)
+1 Pulse heal over time skills.
Strike with Safeguard 200 times

*(25) Perseverance (SHIELD SET)
+1 Pulse heal over time skills.
Strike with Persevere 500 time

*(25) Confidence (FIST SET)
+1 Pulse Damage over time from skills
Strike with Brink of Victory 350 times

*(25) Expert Hurler (SPEAR SET)
-15s Javelin Skills Cooldown.
Strike with Javelin Skills 500 times

*(25) Terrible Visage (FIST SET)
+5% Damage over Time Skills Damage
Strike with Fierce Resolve 500 Times

*(35) Force of Personality (FIST SET)
-1020 Target Fist Gambit Resists Rating
Strike with the Surety of Death, Resolution or Spear of Virture 500 times

*(35) Master of the Spear (SPEAR SET)
Gain Master of the Spear Deed, which gives access to Spear and Fist, Spear and Shield, basic gambit when equipped.
Strike with Might Blow, Wall of Steel or Boar's Rush of 500 times

*(35) Mighty Blow (SPEAR SET)
+10% Javelin's Skill Damage
Strike with Ambush 350 times

*(45) Deadly Thrust (SPEAR SET)
+408 Spear Gambit Critical Rating
Strike with The Dark Before Dawn 250 times

*(45) Master of the Fist (FIST SET)
Gain Master of the Fist Deed, which gives access to Fist and Spear, and Fist and Shield, basic gambit when equipped.
Strike with Exultations of Battle 500 Times

*(45) Master of the Shield (SHIELD SET)
Gain Master of the Shield Deed, which gives access to Shield and Spear, Shield and Fist Skill, basic gambit when equipped.
Strike with Shield Mastery, Celebration of Skill or Dance of War 500 times

Defiant Challenge
You may use defiant challenge gambit to force all nearby enemies to attack you.
Collect all of Bullroarer's Boy Pages.

Grand Master Weapons Training
The ultimate level of training with the warden's preferred weapon. +5% spear damage. +5% one-handed sword damage. +5% one-handed club damage. The inherent bleeds from spear damage happens more more often. The inherent attack speed debuff from clubs happens much more often. +1% inherent to hit bonus from swords. Damage from intrinsic spear bleeds is greatly increased.
Collect all Chieftain of the Dunedain Pages

Javelin of Deadly Force
You may throw your javelin with such force it can pierce multiple bodies on the way to it's target. Ranged Weapon +120 Damage, Max targets 10. 30 Meter Range
Collect all of The Watch Against The Night Pages

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