PTS 1.2 part 3 5/4/2011

Rogue tanking was clearly the best, amirite?
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PTS 1.2 part 3 5/4/2011

Post by manekineko » Thu May 05, 2011 5:38 pm

YAY. Rogue buffs get the MM soul up to around 800-900 self-buffed DPS. Looks like they fixed rogue res, so sorry, Jackie, but on the bright side? BARD RES BARD RES BARD RES BARD RES
* Corrected party pet portraits displaying incorrectly when zoning in or out of Dungeons or Slivers.
* You can now use social emotes, even with a partial name match, to display your emote at another player in target range regardless of whether you actually have that player targeted. (ex: /wave Joe to wave at Joebob, even if you have Mary targeted.)
* Mana and Health potion drop rates from mobs have been reduced. They can still be purchased from your friendly local Apothecary friend or Auction House!

* You must wait 10 minutes after your LFG tool party forms before being able to vote-kick a member.

* Reduced the amount of Planarite awarded by individual Invasions and Footholds during zonewide events. Slightly increased the amount of Planarite awarded in general from Rift content of levels 10-14 to keep it in line with the 15-19 range.
* Increased Planarite cap from 30,000 to 60,000.
* You may now purchase Expert and Raid Rift Lures if you have the required Planar Notoriety of the appropriate type - or purchase husks which no longer have a Notoriety requirement to obtain.

* Anti-Planar Augmentation and Holy Champion now properly self-cast even when the auto self-cast option is turned off.

* Call of the Ascended: Now properly costs 3 Planar Charges. Will no longer prompt living people with a resurrection window.

* Decreased the PvP movement/control effect immunity timer to 24 seconds, down from 30, for additional testing.
* Queued abilities will now be cleared when casting another ability, even if you cast one off of global cooldown. This will stop queued damaging abilities from doing things like breaking stealth if Slip Away is used in combat.
* Channeled abilities will no longer interrupt themselves, or be interrupted by attempts to use another ability that fail. If queuing is enabled, they will be queued for next cast. Otherwise, the second use while the channel is under way will be ignored. This is a server-side queue and not impacted by client lag.
* Reactive abilities whose target has moved out of viewable range will no longer leave a sad, orphaned reactive ability icon on screen.
* Reduced the Dodge bonus for the Insubstantial ability used by Ifrit and Djinali NPCs.

* Increased the base values of AoE damage reduction abilities on pets. They each now reduce AoE damage by 65% + 1% per point spent in that soul. Affected abilities are:
- Summon Greater Primal Companion [Beastmaster], Forest Blessing [Druid], Greater Elemental Affinity [Elementalist], Ancient Tomb [Necromancer], King of the Jungle [Ranger].


* PTS Fix: Corrected a typo in the new tooltip for Ethereal Shell.
* PTS Fix: Blessing of the Martyr: Now lists the correct 5 second internal cooldown on the description.


* Impale: Now gains additional damage bonuses from Attack Power.
* Physical Trauma: Now increases your Final Blow damage by 4-8% on targets affected by Impale.

* Verse of Rebirth - New Ability: Brings the fallen ally back to life and restores 20% of their health and mana. This ability cannot be used while in combat. Available with 36 points spent in Bard.

* Not actually renamed to Bladddancer.
* Due to the below changes, characters with Soul Points spent in Bladedancer will be given a free soul respec.
* Blade Finesse and Combat Expertise: Traded positions within the soul tree.
* Blade Finesse: Now increases the Attack Power bonus for Deadly Strike by 50-250%.
* Deadly Dance: Bonus increased to 7-21% and can occur up to 3 times.

* Against All Odds: Now also triggers from Silence effects.

* Master Archer: Now scales up in damage with the number of points spent in Marksman.
* Sniper Training: Now gives a 7-21% bonus.
* Deaden - New Ability: Blasts the enemy, interrupting casting and silencing them for 5 seconds with a successful interrupt. Not affected by global cooldown. Available with 24 points spent in Marksman.
* Pedestals: Leaving a pedestal now applies a 15 second buff of the Pedestal's bonus, which will wear off unless you re-enter.

* Shadow Fire: Now increases the damage of Ranger attacks by 35%.

* PTS Fix: For reals - ALL traps will no longer follow you when zoning into an instance or using a porticulum. Sneaky traps.


* Shield of the Hero: Will now properly be removed by abilities that remove buffs.

* Power from the Masses: Corrected a bug that caused this to trigger on auto attacks.

* Avatar of the Rift: Fixed a bug causing this to modify Attack Power contribution by too little.

* Insatiable Hunger: Fixed an issue where this wasn't being triggered.
* Ravenous Strength, Ravenous Defense: No longer incorrectly last through death.


* Rift: Jakub's Second Battalion: Fixed an issue causing the Aurarch to hulk out and be pretty much un-killable. He's not quite so angry anymore.

* The power level of tier 2 Expert Dungeon items and Raid items have been upgraded. This should more clearly differentiate later Expert Dungeon gear from early Expert gear, as well as Raid items from Expert Dungeon items.

* Majolic: Blood Crystal health slightly reduced.
* Majolic: Blood Contagion can no longer affect pets.

* Standard: Corpse Eaters no longer provide experience or drop loot.

* Expert: Tegenar Deepfang: Cocoon health slightly reduced.
* Expert: Scarn: Searing Heat damage slightly reduced.

* Expert: Ereetu: Firestorm damage slightly reduced.

* Expert: Konstantin: Spike Trap damage slightly reduced.

* Expert: Fae Lord Twyll: Fae Chill damage reduced.

* Decreased the PvP movement/control effect immunity timer to 24 seconds, down from 30, for additional testing.

* Rare Sourceshard planar currency can now be traded for Planarite at Rare Planar Goods vendors.
* All relic weapons out of Greenscale's Blight and River of Souls now require level 50 to equip.
* Illusion: Ethian Monk and Illusion: Mathosian Vanguard now have a 60 second use cooldown.

* The loot window now closes upon the first click of 'Take All' while Runebreaking and Salvaging.
* Looting items individually from Runebreaking and Salvaging will no longer play the sound effect for each item.
* Added a more appropriate error message to the crafting item drop quests to indicate if you have already completed the quest.
* Crafting an item no longer displays a loot message to party members.
* Corrected the description for the Augment, 'Sobek Eye', that incorrectly said Parry.
* Fixed quest text for 'A Peerless Leather' that referred to the wrong items.
* Workorder: Titanium Sabatons: Now states the turn-in location of the quest, which is Chancel of Labors.

* Raidframes no longer show players as 'dead' when they zone.

* The client no longer crashes when running Avast antivirus!

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