Third (or fourth?) time is NOT the charm

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Third (or fourth?) time is NOT the charm

Post by Albedo » Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:02 pm

So retcon costs are still absurdly high...according to a post, though, it seems that the issue is that players aren't getting the right amount of money per their levels...
Daeke wrote:So, through further discussion, it appears that the amount of resources that players are earning are less than expected for their level. Which would explain why Retcon costs seem absurdly high.

Right now, we're watching the global economy curve very carefully to better understand where money flows into the economy, and where it flows out. This will help us better determine whether we want to slow the flow (resulting in your wallet getting bigger) or lower prices (resulting in Retcon costing less). Either way would lead towards solving your concerns, I believe, but we need to look at all the other factors in the game these changes would affect.

Because the game is so new, that also means the economy is too. We need to give it a bit of time to settle so that we can accurately look at it, instead of making quick, instant changes that might cause waves (as you may have noticed). I beg you for patience while we study it, and I'll update, of course, as often as possible.

And I haven't forgotten about free retcons. I'm still looking into it. It appears that it may be more complicated an issue than just "should you get them". But don't panic, I'm on the case.
So...yeah. The costs are better, but still absurdly high.
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