Darkness Build

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Darkness Build

Post by Xelissa » Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:03 pm

So here's my darkness build. I used my free respec to drop Condemn for now, and I suppose I'm glad I used the respec because I found out that Devour Essence does NOT work with Dark Transfusion, contrary to what I had expected. So sadly it's back to lifedrain. I bet lifedrain won't be so bad ranked up to 3. Anyway, I know it's squishy, but I wanted to go for a dps character with this one, and I love the synergy between Shadow Form, Rebirth, and Dark Transfusion =]. I'm not very committed to the advantage points in the last 8 skills. If I find some free points, I'll certainly put a rank into Ego Hold.

EDIT: Oh, I might take resurgence instead of Field Bots. Not sure if Shadow Shroud counts as an active defense as well, though. In which case I'd have to drop Shadow Shroud, perhaps.

Build by championBuilder 0.3.2

Download this Build here.

: Level 40 Champion

Level 5: Super Endurance
Level 13: Super Constitution

Level 1: Shadow Bolt -- Despondency
Level 1: Shadow Blast -- Rank 2, Psychotic Break
Level 5: Shadow Embrace -- Rank 2, Fatal Allure
Level 5: Fire Flight -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 8: Ebon Void -- Rank 2
Level 11: Shadow Form -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 14: Lifedrain -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 17: Dark Transfusion -- Blood Sacrifice, Rank 2
Level 20: Ego Hold
Level 23: Field Drones -- Rank 2
Level 26: Rebirth -- Rank 2
Level 29: Ego Storm -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 32: Collective Will
Level 35: Shadow Shroud -- Rank 2
Level 35: Teleport
Level 38: Spirit Reverberation

Level 1: Abyssal
Level 6: Boundless Reserves
Level 9: Quick Recovery
Level 12: Amazing Stamina
Level 15: Healthy Mind
Level 18: Investigator
Level 21: Negotiator

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