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Towerofpower DPS Sorc

Post by Towerofpower » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:22 pm

I am looking to find a place do some operations on a somewhat casual basis (couple nights a week) and your post seemed to fit the bill. I am looking for a laid back environment rather then a hardcore competitive guild as the latter took the fun out of another game for me, making it more of a second job.

* Sorcerer - Currently DPS spec but open to healing as well
* I am able to make all times listed in most cases, just being let known in advance a day or two as to make my schedule fit. I work your standard 8-5ish Monday-Friday
* Cleared everything on Normal a couple times. Haven't had the desire to join a pug for HM/NM
* In game Towerofpower, email @
*Gearwise I am mostly columi with the daily rakata implants / earpiece / artifice trinkets, with 2 pvp peices to fill in the missing columi.

If we seem like with might be a good fit, send me a message.



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Post by Xelissa » Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:01 am

Heya Tower,
We'll be in touch with you in-game. As soon as we figure out our second raiding time this week (probably for Karraga's HM), we'll let you know the day/time and see if you can make it! Look forward to talking to you.


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