Underpowered Seeks DPS for HM Ops

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Underpowered Seeks DPS for HM Ops

Post by Xelissa » Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:33 pm

<Underpowered>, an Empire guild on the Naddist Rebels server, seeks one or two DPS classes to do Hard Mode (HM) Operations on a weekly basis. We are a small guild that has been doing HM Eternity Vault and Karraga’s Palace for about a month. We’ve downed all bosses in Karraga’s and up to Soa in EV. Unfortunately, one of our DPS’ers has decided to not resubscribe, so we’re down to 7.

We generally raid the follow days/times (all times EST):
* Wednesdays. 7:30pm
* Fridays: Either around 7:00 or 11:00pm

Sometimes we raid the following days/times:
* Saturday and Sunday evenings
* Mondays: 9:00pm

We usually raid for about 2 hrs at a time (sometimes more or less depending on the circumstances), and usually 2 days a week.

* You must have at least most of your Columi gear
* We are currently not taking Bounty Hunters (we already have 3 in the raid)
* You must have access to Ventrilo. A mic is not required, but we would like you to be able to listen in for important cues during boss fights
* You must have a bit of patience. Some of the boss fights are tough or buggy, so we won’t always get them down first try
* Don’t be greedy. If you’ve gotten a piece of gear already during a run, it would be nice if you let someone else take the next piece that drops. You’d want them to do the same for you.
* You must be able to make at least some of the above times. These are the only times that usually work for all 7 of us.

* You do NOT have to join our guild if you don’t wish to
* You do NOT have to know all the boss fights, but you must be willing to learn them

How to Get in Touch with Us:
1. Make a post on our forums (http://www.underpowered.org/forums/) in the Recruitment forum (preferred)
2. Contact any of the following people in-game to inquire: Excelsia, Erevesper, Adios, Hildr, Sassette, Vasariah
3. Send an in-game mail to any of the above characters

Be sure to include the following information for #1 and #3
(On our forums, please create a new thread!)
* Your class and spec
* Which of the mentioned days/times you are able to attend
* Do you have any experience with the operations?
* When/how to contact you

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you guys soon (our next planned raid is this Weds at 7:00pm)

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