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:D liars
already spoke with someone
but um


wtf boats

fahggio dubois was my first character and um wtf boats is my pvp name i guess my favorite build is by far air spiker in RA and on fahggio i have all bu the last bonus beaten in prophecies and like 85% of the map explored (:P which im really proud of XD cause hes an elementalist)

umm way back in the day like 7 years ago i played runescape. for a while i looked for a better game than runescape but i enjoyed the classic versions pvp system so much i couldnt find a better game. about two years ago i moved to my moms house and started playing kalonline which got me to be a hardcore MMO player. about 9 months ago a friend of mine who got banned for using hacks one of his acquantances gave him (that same person fucked his character up for a while as well) convinced me to help steal another person items in the game. By WoW standards what i was more or less given would be about equal to a few epic items. of course, i was banned and so i actually found that one could have a life outside of their room. other than playing WoW on a private server of course ;D (man this is long... :O my life story right here :( ) anyways i met some girl named mary and she was really cool and shit and i fell in love with her. she played gw she bought me the game about 5 months ago for my birthday and i played it for about 3 months and then we broke up about a month after that cause a bunch of bullshit and then we were "friends" and we saw each other all the time and now im sick of her and i never wanna see her again :D the same friend who helped me get banned got me to start playing kal on a private server 2 months ago or so and about 2 weeks ago i started playing gw again and like 3 days ago mary was being a bitch to me so i decided not to talk to her ever again and shit and yeeeah if youre still reading this im really suprised but tahts my life story o_O

mmm pancakes

i liked the final fantasy games before i knew what a computer was
ill listen to any music as long as its not rap or country
V FOR VENDETTA, LUCKY NUMBER SLEV7IN(or however its spelled) best movies ever V>>>>7 tho
xD futurama ftw only show i watch on tv
:o any time someone needs me jsut message me on
xfire: leetoreo
or msn: [email protected]


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