Application - Crito lvl 18 Sorc

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Application - Crito lvl 18 Sorc

Post by Crito » Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:26 pm

I see that I have been spoken for. How great is that?

Here's my application

Name you prefer to be called
(can be real, in game, made up, whatever)
My name is Scott, I have been called many names, but that one usually gets a good response

Age: Currently 25

Game(s) you plan to play: Warhammer and no other. You think I'm made of monthly subscription payments? Come on.

Character's name: Crito (Though I have many alts and am begrudged to admit any as a main. However, Crito will likely be the toon i have the most fun on, so yeah, I guess my main is Crito.
(one per game. this will be used to contact you... be sure to specify what game each name is for!)

Character info
(what class is your main character? what are your favorite builds/specs ? are you into pvp?)
He's a Sorc with Calamity build, oh wait! No he's not. He's actually Destruction atm. If you have good ideas for builds, I'd gladly accept them, but also seeing as how I am so low a lvl, it doesn't matter much yet anyway. I love the pvp. I think pvp deserves an article. Whenever someone refers to it, it should be "I like THE pvp."

Brief history
(specifically, what games and guilds have you had experience with, what is your focus [pve or pvp], and how much time do you devote to gaming. this gives us a sense of your gaming preferences and skill level but wont affect whether we accept you or not)
I have been infected with WoW, but gladly can report that I am finally over that game. I did mainly the pvp in that game (if it can be really called pvp) but had experience raiding and such. Was involved as guild lead a couple of times for pvp guilds and one pve guild. I'm decent and fair with folks, but after about 6 months in guild leadership I found that the complaints were too loud and the pay too lousy, so I don't guild administrate as often. I have been playing WAR for a month with a bunch of friends, most of whom have abandoned the cause for NHL2009. This makes me sad. But I have two friends that have stuck it out. In-game Gobba and Maetheus.
As far as gaming time I am erratic. I wish I could say my life ran smooth like a Chevy engine (I'm guessing they run smooth, maybe we should make that a Toyota?), but my job requires a lot of flexibility, as does my life. So some weeks I can play for many hours, some weeks only a few. It depends on what appointments I have and how good my business is going. I do have a wife and she's fairly accommodating to my gaming, but she comes first and will on occasion ask that I do something with her rather than the guildies. I aim for at minimum 10 hours a week (though I have been known to fail at some goals).

How did you find us?
(Pretty self-explanatory; we'd just like to know how you discovered our site and our guild)
Maetheus told me to check you guys out. Seem friendly and your site is far better than most government run sites. So obviously, good place to be.

What are your feelings toward pancakes?
(Again, pretty self-explanatory, but mayhaps the most crucial part of the applications. Fail this, and...well, let's just say it won't be pretty)
Alright, I'm sorry to say that though pancakes were my favorite breakfast food growing up, my tastes have evolved (they are now a second favorite). I lived in Brussels for a while and started the now current weekly pattern of eating waffles. I believe what waffles and pancakes offer are more than just flour filled breakfast morsels of goodness. I believe they can cure all of humanities woes. AIDs, economic disasters, annoying in-laws, everything can be cured with these marvelous dining cuisines. And oh the toppings! Also, they cure the common ailment of hunger--a definite good thing.

Optional - help us get to know you better!

Favorite video/computer games
KOTOR I thought was good, Fallout2, WoW (for a time), Counterstrike (any variety), Masters of Orion 2, Star Control 2,

Favorite songs/bands
Staind, Death Cab, Queen, Philharmonic Orchestras,

Favorite movies
LOTR, Fight Club, Indiana Jones (NEVER the new one...or the middle one), Hero,

Favorite tv shows
Seinfeld, Simpsons, Life, Arrested Development, Firefly

Favorite quote
Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards --Kierkegaard

How do you feel about the phrase "troll patrol"?
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Post by manekineko » Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:43 pm

Queen, yes. Waffles, yes. Arrested Development, two yesses.

Moist? By far the best response ever.


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