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Useful Resources

Post by Xelissa » Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:11 pm

Links to useful resources for playing super nerdy tabletop games:

BoardGameGeek: Database of pretty much ALL the nerdy board and card games!
Card Sleeve Size List: Geeklist on BGG which contains a huge amount of games that have cards and their corresponding sleeve size for Mayday, UltraPro, Fantasy Flight, and Swan card sleeves.
CoolStuffInc: Retailer for tons of board/card games as well as accessories. Awesome discounts, reasonable shipping prices, amazing shipping quality, and a loyalty reward system.
Funagain Games: Another giant online retailer for board/card games and accessories. Haven't ordered from them yet, but I've heard good things.
NWS Online Gaming Store: Another retailer for some board/card games. Much smaller than the giants, but great customer service and great prices for the stuff they do stock. Great shipping quality.
Kickstarter - Tabletop Games: So many great tabletop games are kickstarted these days. Also contains a lot of information on successfully funded kickstarted games.

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