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Re: PF Group A: Campaign Log

Post by Michelle » Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:38 pm

I will be writing up the last two sessions to the best of my memory.

Cera's Internal Monologue
So after about a thousand years wandering the brambles and the coastline, we finally made it to the fortified structure on the island. Managed to kill a bunch of filthy goblins and goblins dogs at the gate. That goblin dog dander is some serious business. Feeling slow and unlikable. Asral and Shlulu went off in the brambles to do some business and found some more goblins while Scar and I forced the gate open. We conquered. Scar made one hell of head shot under some pretty unlikely circumstances. He took some pretty grave injuries, so Albedo decided to join us inside instead.

Lots more killing. Got to rid the world of one more goblin lord, RipNugget. Seriously, where do they come up with these names? Whatever. Time to get some rest. We'll check out the rest of this place tomorrow.

Looks like they've got a pretty extensive basement. Looks like they also breed goblins here. Disgusting. I'll be taking care of that. There're lots of rooms in this place. We'll have to be sure to be thorough. In the process, we find Shlulu's arch nemesis, Bruthazmus, and kill him. It is glorious, and she is pissed. She'll get over it. Then there was Orik, some human mercenary. He seems pretty smitten with another of their party. I hope we find and kill her too. Humans working with goblins. What a disgrace. It's a good thing he's a bit of a flake.

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