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FAQ: Factions

Post by Xelissa » Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:43 pm

FAQ for Factions (Cantha)

Q: Help! I want to change my secondary class! Where/how can I do this?
A: Easy! In Factions all you have to do is reach the city Senji's Corner. There's a profession changer there named Senji who will change your secondary profession for 500 gold. From there on, you just have to revisit him to change back and forth between secondary professions you have unlocked! This will change for those who have Nightfall.

Q: I've heard something about attribute quests. Where can I pick these up, and what exactly are they?
A: There are two attribute point quests per campaign. You can only do them on characters native to that campaign (e.g. only Tyrian characters can do the Prophecies attribute point quests). Each of these quests give you 15 attribute points, which would give your character a total of 200 attribute points instead of 170 if you do them! So they're well worth doing!

In Factions, here is where you can get them (they are both pretty early into the game):
1) "Lost Treasure" quest obtained from Raitahn Nem in Ran Musu Gardens. You must do the Minister Cho's Estate mission before you can get this quest.
2) "An Unwelcome Guest" quest obtained from Zunraa in Seitung Harbor. You must do the Zen Daijun mission before you can get this quest.

Q: I see people talking about "Masters" groups in game. What are they talking about?
A: Missions are, as you've probably figured out, areas that you enter with a party where you have certain objectives to fulfill. They are marked on the World Map by copper circles that have no character inside them and may or may not have swords running through them (if you have completed the mission or not). When you complete a mission, you can either get Standard, Expert, or Masters. You get extra experience and skill points per rank you've gotten for the mission. The rank often depends on falling within a certain time limit, but sometimes it refers to keeping a certain number of NPCs alive. The most useful thing you can gain from getting a Masters rank for a mission is for your "Protector of Cantha" title, which you can get for receiving Masters on all 13 missions in the game.

Q: Where do I get the armor with the best stats?
A: In Factions you can get any armor "skin" (appearance) with any set of stats. Once you know what skin and what stats you want, you can purchase them in a few different places.

Note: Max armor is 60 (for casters), 70 (for rangers, assassins, dervishes), or 80 (for warriors, paragons).

1.5k armor
Canthan, Shing Jea, Seitung - Kaineng Center
Krytan/Imperial - Bukdek Byway
Tyrian/Exotic - Wajjun Bazaar
Kurzik - House Zu Heltzer
Luxon - Cavalon

15k armor
Obsidian - Fissure of Woe
Kurzick - Vasburg Armory
Luxon - Leviathan Pits
Canthan, Exotic, Imperial - Divine Path

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