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FAQ: Prophecies

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:43 pm
by Xelissa
FAQ for Prophecies (Tyria)

Q: Help! I want to change my secondary class! Where/how can I do this?
A: To change your secondary class in prophecies you need to reach the desert (you first reach the desert after the Sanctum Cay mission - it puts you in Amnoon Oasis). There are different quests to unlock different subclasses, then you can change between them (the ones you have unlocked) by revisiting the NPCs (any of the quest giver NPCs wil do). This will change if you have Nightfall. The locations for changing to different secondary classes are as follows:

Elementalist: "The Elementalist's Path" quest - Obtained from Cembrien in Heroes' Audience
Monk: "The Monk's Path" quest - Obtained from Nausuan in Seeker's Passage
Mesmer: "The Mesmer's Path" quest - Obtained from Eulenias in Destiny's Gorge
Necromancer: "The Necromancer's Path" quest - Obtained from Zratha Kor in Heroes' Audience
Ranger: "The Ranger's Path" quest - Obtained from Telius in Seeker's Passage
Warrior: "The Warrior's Path" quest - Obtained from Agastos the Brave in Destiny's Gorge

(Here is a map to help you find the different cities)

Q: I've heard something about attribute quests. Where can I pick these up, and what exactly are they?
A: There are two attribute point quests per campaign. You can only do them on characters native to that campaign (e.g. only Tyrian character can do the Prophecies attribute point quests). Each of these quests give you 15 attribute points, which would give your character a total of 200 attribute points instead of 170 if you do them! So they're well worth doing!

In Prophecies, here is where you can get them (they are both pretty far into the game):
1) "Forgotten Wisdom" quest obtained from Sariss Yassith in Skyward Reach (do the "The Forgotten Ones" quest from Annelle Fipps in Destiny's Gorge to find Sariss).
2) "The Hero's Challenge" quest obtained from Vanyi in Droknar's Forge (you must have done at least one of the "Path" quests - e.g. "The Monk's Path" to get this quest).

Q: I hear people talking about "missions" and "bonuses" - what do they mean?
A: Missions are, as you probably have figured out, areas you enter with a team and you have certain objectives to fulfill. They are marked on your World Map by little shields that may or may not have swords through them. Bonuses are extra parts of the mission you don't have to do to complete the mission. Bonus objectives are often something like escorting an NPC somewhere within the mission or collecting some items for an NPC. The main point of bonuses is working toward the "Protector of Tyria" title, which you can obtain by completing both the mission and the bonus for each and every prophecies mission!

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 1:30 am
by Xelissa
Updated: 10/26/06
*Added: Missions and bonuses explained