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FAQ: Classes

Post by Xelissa » Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:44 pm

FAQ for the Classes of Guild Wars!

General Class Questions

Q: I'm new to Guild Wars. What class should I start with?
A: I'd strongly recommend going for whatever class sounds the most interesting to you! Here's a breakdown at what the different classes are like:
  • Assassin:
    * Pros: High DPS, fast attacks, multiple knockdowns, able to do some great spike damage.
    * Cons: "Squishy," limited survivability.

    * Pros: Can easily fulfill a DPS and spike damage role(e.g. fire AoE spells) or a support role (e.g. blinding, weakening, wards)
    * Cons: Often run into energy problems, enchantment strips on attunements, vulnerable to interrupts

    * Pros: The "shutdown" class. A good mesmer can render an enemy useless or get them to even kill themselves if they aren't paying attention! Also has damage over time (degens) and interrupts.
    * Cons: Takes a higher amount of skill to play, requires patience and timing, in PVP mesmers are usually the first target.

    * Pros: The best healing class in Guild Wars.
    * Cons: Responsibility of keeping people alive, need to learn how to kite, energy management problems.

    * Pros: Soulreaping makes necromancers the best at sustaining minions, has some of the best group support buffs (e.g. Blood is Power, Order of Pain)
    * Cons: energy management is very dependent on things dying (it's a pain outside of battle), long casting times on many spells, often pigeon-holed into a Minion Master and sometimes a Battery build.

    * Pros: Probably the most versatile class in the game. You can try out many, many builds that are very different from one another. Excell at interrupts.
    * Cons: Only 3 pips of energy regen

    * Pros: Spirits can do high damage and have useful abilities (e.g. blinding, disenchanting, knockdown)
    * Cons: Very delicate with energy, very susceptable to interrupts, limited healing abilities, placement of spirits takes talent.

    * Pros: Highest armor of any other class (Paragons are equal). Best melee damage, due to the strength attribute, most versatile farmers.
    * Cons: Only 2 pips of energy regen, inept at everything besides melee and survivability.
Q: I'm a <insert primary class here> - what secondary class should I choose?
A: In my opinion, you can make any class combination work in Guild Wars! That's the beauty of it! But if you're looking for standard secondaries, here are my suggestions.

First off, a secondary class with a healing ability if your primary class doesn't have heals is very welcome. A lot of people opt for a monk secondary. Keep in mind that assassin has shadow refuge as a heal and ranger has troll unguent, so you aren't always forced to take monk secondary if you want a healing ability!

There are a couple classes where it's strongly recommended to take a certain secondary when you're first starting out, unless you have a particular build in mind. Necromancers almost always want Monk as their secondary (for healing self and minions) and Monks almost always want Mesmer as their secondary (for energy management).

Q: I'm new to the <insert class here> class / I'm thinking about making a <insert class here>. Is there anyone I can talk to in the guild that has a lot of experience with them?
A: Of course! We are more than happy to help. A lot of us know a lot about most of the classes, but if you want someone who has extensive knowledge of the class, here are some specific people you can talk to!
  • Assassin: Tyler (Seishi Innen)
    Elementalist: Jeff (Erica Liebman) and Chris (Sasado Leivenheit)
    Mesmer: Terry (Fey Ebondusk) and Tyler (Seishi Innen) for PvP, Tally (Keki Nopan) for PvE
    Monk: Tally (Keki Nopan) and Matt (Derrick Castillo)
    Necromancer: Terry (Fey Ebondusk)
    Ranger: Tally (Keki Nopan), Eric (Sticky Nokkers), and Allison (Avestar Moonsong)
    Ritualist: Tally (Keki Nopan)
    Warrior: Tyler (Seishi Innen)
Q: What PvE build/skills should I start with/work towards for the <insert class here>?
A: You can check out our builds forum here. But if you're looking for builds that can ease you into the class and are pretty effective, here's what I might suggest:
  • Assassin: Triple Knockdown or Crit Barrage
    Mesmer: Either a Domination build with Empathy and Backfire (Energy-Surge and Energy Burn are also great for a dom build) or a Degen. Illusion Build (with skills like Conjure Phantasm, Images of Remorse). Make sure to bring energy management skills from inspiration, at least one.
    Monk: Word of Healing Monk
    Necromancer: Minion Master
    Ranger: Interrupting is a great skill to learn for a ranger. Pick up skills like savage shot and distracting shot and practice on mobs. A great elite to get is Barrage.
    Ritualist: Learn how to manage your spirits! Spirits such as Shelter, Union, and Displacement synergize well, but you need to add energy management, like essence strike, spirit siphon, and definately boon of creation.
    Warrior: Sword or Axe PvE W/Mo
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Updated: 10/26/06
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*Added: builds/skills to work towards for specific classes


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