General Guild Wars Questions

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General Guild Wars Questions

Post by Xelissa » Wed Oct 25, 2006 11:40 pm

General Guild Wars Questions

Q: What's the different between a primary and a secondary attribute?
A: Attributes are what you can distribute your attribute points into on your character (e.g. healing prayers, inspiration magic, death magic, dagger mastery, tactics, etc.). Your primary attribute means that only your primary class has access to it. So, for example, if you want access to the strength attribute, you need to be a warrior primary class. The secondary attribute is available to both primary and secondary classes (e.g. characters with either warrior as their primary class or their secondary class have access to tactics). The list of primary and secondary attributes are as follows:
  • Primary Attributes
    Assassin: Critical Strikes
    Elementalist: Energy Storage
    Mesmer: Fast Casting
    Monk: Divine Favor
    Necromancer: Soul Reaping
    Ranger: Expertise
    Ritualist: Spawning Power
    Warrior: Strength

    Secondary Attributes
    Assassin: Dagger Mastery, Shadow Arts, Deadly Arts
    Elementalist: Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic
    Mesmer: Inspiration Magic, Illusion Magic, Domination Magic
    Monk: Healing Prayers, Smiting Prayers, Protection Prayers
    Necromancer: Death Magic, Blood Magic, Curses
    Ranger: Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, Wilderness Survival
    Ritualist: Communing, Channeling, Restoration
    Warrior: Tactics, Swordsmanship, Hammer Mastery, Axe Mastery
Q: AGH! I recently started playing Guild Wars and I see all these acronyms and nicknames and I just don't know what they mean! Help me!
A: The number of shortenings and jargon can be overwhelming at first. Here's a list of common acronyms and terms:
  • AB: Alliance Battles, a form of PVP having to do with your guild's alliance to Kurzick of Luxon.
    AoE/AE: Area of Effect spell
    BiPOoP: A necromancer build using the Elite Blood is Power and Order of Pain.
    BL, B-Light, Blight: Refers to the elite skill Blessed Light. Often refers to a monk build that focuses around this elite.
    Blinding Prodigy: An elementalist build that centered around the skills Blinding Flash and Ether Prodigy (an elite).
    Boon Prot: Refers to a monk build that is centered around the skill Divine Boon, Mantra of Recall (an elite), and various protection spells.
    B/P or BP: Barrage/Pet build or Barrage/Pet team. Uses the elite skill Barrage and a pet (=P). This is a "speed build" used for some harder areas, like Tomb of the Primeval Kings and Urgoz's Warren. You can find more information in our team builds forum!
    Bunny Thumper: A Ranger/Warrior build that uses a hammer and uses the Expertise attribute to its advantage.
    FoW: Fissure of Woe: The Domain of Balthazar, an advanced area where people go to farm
    gg: "Good game"
    Glad Point: Gladiator Point, which you receive if you win 10 games in a row in Random Arenas or Team Arenas.
    HA: Heroes' Ascent, a PVP arena, unlocked after you beat a certain number of TAs.
    LFG: "Looking for Group"
    LFM: "Looking for More"
    LFR: "Looking for Run/Runner"
    MM: Minion Master, a necromancer that raises minions into an army and keeps them alive to do damage.
    NPC: Non-player character, can be a henchman or a merchant.
    PvE: Player vs. Environment
    PvP: Player vs. Player
    RA: Random Arenas, a PvP arena
    Rage quit: Quitting because you're mad.
    SS: Spiteful Spirit, often refering to a build known as the SS (Spiteful Spirit) Echo Nuker, which is a Necro Mesmer build. Often used in farming the Underworld.
    TA: Team Arenas, a PVP arena unlocked after you win a certain amount of Random Arenas
    UW: The Underworld: The domain of Grenth, an advanced area where people go to farm.
    Wammo: A play of the tongue on W/Mo (Warrior Monk).
    WTB: "Willing/Wanting/Want to Buy"
    WTS: "Willing/Wanting/Want to Sell"
Q: What kind of PVP does Guild Wars have?
A: There's quite a bit of variety in Guild Wars! If you have access to any of the campaigns, there's a special PVP island for PVP characters (you can take PVE characters there too, once you reach the port city in whatever campaign you're in, meaning either Lion's Arch, Kaineng City, or Kamadan). On this island, there's two practice arenas called the Zaishen Challenge and the Zaishen Elite. Here you can practice PVP against NPC teams. The first PVP arena you'll encounter is called Random Arenas, or RAs. Here you enter separately and get randomly paired with 3 other players against another random team.

After you beat a certain number of RAs in a row, you have unlocked Team Arena's (TAs). This is pretty similar except you choose your team before you enter the arena and you fight against other teams that have picked their members (except that once a RA team wins 10 in a row, they automatically get sent to TAs).

After you beat a certain number of TAs in a row, you have unlocked Heroes' Ascent (HA). This is a 6v6 match.

If you have a Guild, there are Guild vs. Guild matches (GvG). This is an 8v8 match and is what the Guild Wars ladder is based on.

If you have access to Factions, there is even more PVP you can play! There are Alliance Battles, which are 12v12. You can enter with up to a group of 4 people. Depending on what faction your guild has allied with (Kurzick or Luxon) you will fight the opposing faction.

Also based on faction is Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry. These are located within the heart of Cantha, but you can bring PVP characters there. You enter alone and you are put on a random team of 8 players of your same faction. The Kurzicks defend the stronghold and the Luxons seige it.

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Updated: 10/26/06
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*Added explaination of different PvP scenarios

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