Guild Events Rules -- Please read before you post

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Guild Events Rules -- Please read before you post

Post by Albedo » Wed Dec 06, 2006 12:37 pm

Created this forum section so that we don't clutter the General Discussion with talks about Events and so that people don't miss the event posts.

Right now, this forum is open for anyone to post in. The purpose is to create a section where people can post about needing help with missions and for the "Official Guild Events" that you want to try and schedule.

With the post title, please try to be as short and descriptive as possible. Place the date and, if there is a specific time you have to do it at, post the time. Also, what the event is.

This way people can enlist aid and it will hopefully get people involved. Right now, anyone can post an event.

Just don't spam the channel constantly...and realize that there might be time restraints people have to deal with.

Generally, a good time during the week is 8 PST.
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