Urgoz's Warren Run Friday the 26th.

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Post by Xelissa » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:37 pm

manekineko wrote:oh, i'm out for the deep then
I thought you said you were available after 3PM PST, Matt?

It was a little rough, but we stuck it out and managed to get to Urgoz again. Grats, Jon and Jackie!

Oh, and because I just thought of this, for our guild runs what, if any, restrictions do we have for someone getting the same piece of loot? Like for instance, what if the next time we do Urgoz Jackie or Tyler ends up getting the longbow again - do we say they should keep it since it's the luck of the drop or do we have other people roll on it, so if we do it 11 times, all 11 people will have one?

I'm just curious to see what people think, because we haven't really talked about it yet.

EDIT: I'm going to make a poll so people's answers can remain anonymous.

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