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Skumfil Info

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Skumfil Instance Guide 58+ *Spoilers*
A note before reading. Finding information on instances for MoM this early on has been difficult so close to release. As such I figured I'd share what I've learned. Being my first time writing a guide I hope it helps. I'll add/edit to the OP should anyone have anything to correct or comment on.

Skumfil is a six man instance in Moria in the area called Foundations of Stone. It is a instance for a fellowship of six and is recommended that players be level 58 and above.

You must go to the camp in Foundations of Stone, called Shadowed Refuge, to unlock the instance quests. A majority of them cannot be shared. One of the npcs will ask you to help his friends with tasks in Skumfil. These are the quests that you want. Collect all of them. You must run the instance more than one time to complete some.

Skumfil is the closest mustering location on your map to Shadowed Refuge to the North East. To run there you must leave the Refuge heading south till you get near the bottom of the area. Then, you must head North East looking for a path to the North West, uphill, toward the instance. Pools and and a river of bright green acidic looking water will mark you are near. The elites you have trained to the instance will aggro people out of combat at the mustering camp, so beware.

Skumfil is comprised of a total of nine *boss* encounters. When you start the instance however you can only do a very few, *chuckle*, select amount of them. There are two sides to Skumfil that allow you to pick which bosses you want to do. The sides are the Queen's(left) and the King's(right). Both sides contain four bosses. One boss on each side is only accessed by a Champ or Min that has their class legendary trait quest. There is a hard-mode boss you can access at the entrance should someone in your fellow have already completed the quest Stinking Ward and has earned the key. The key quest is attained by defeating the Queen*left* side of the instance first

Skumfil Queen left Side.

When you enter, stay left of course! Beware! the pit/ramp directly in front of you is a trap. If you don't know it's there you will fall in and aggro the three Spiders below waiting, probably killing your unsuspecting Minstrel in the process. That pit/ramp is the entrance to the hard-mode boss. Skip it... for now.

The trash mobs are *inactive* initially when you approach them. They consist of Kergim and Grodbyg battling each other. When you get within aggro radius of the clash , victors will emerge. These will be the mobs you have to fight.

Fellowship Conjunction: Pure of Heart= G G G B B *
(you will need this throughout the entire instance for numerous reasons.)

Kergim Summoners (20k morale) are you worst enemy should they *spawn*. Immediately when they activate and roughly every 15 seconds thereafter they will attempt to summon a 10k elite Grodbog Worker by stomping their foot on the ground. Either CC them with a Loremaster as soon as they activate saving them for last, or sprint to them and immediately interrupt their summoning induction, killing them fast and first. Should they be allowed to summon too many times, the fellowship will be overwhelmed. Having two of these actively in combat can be disastrous as they will produce far too many adds to handle. These can be rooted or mezzed. Although, rooting them should not be considered a good form of CC as they will keep summoninig workers.

Grodbog Defenders (20k morale) are a ranged mob that can also summon grodbog workers, with a much lower frequency than their Kergrim counterparts. They should still be interrupted, but its not as much of a priority. Kite them away from their start points so as not to aggro other battling mobs or to avoid breaking mezzes on Kergrim summoners. These can be rooted or mezzed.

Grodbog Workers (10k morale) are a melee mob that can be killed quickly. These appear either when summoned or as emergent victors in the battles. They can be rooted and mezzed.

To do these pulls have your tank run up and activate the victors. The CC classes need to be ready to quickly lock down any Kergrim summoners if and when they activate. Dispatch all the other activated mobs saving the Kergrim for last. Saving the summoners for last allows for everyone to focus on interrupts. If you cannot CC the summoners adequately, kill them first.

Use this method to clear out the left side of the main room beyond the ramp/pit. This will provide you with enough room to battle the mini boss that will unlock two main bosses rooms of the Queen side. Note, you do not have to clear the middle battle to kill the gatekeeper bosses. The middle battle is a five pull of mobs and can be quite challenging.

Once you have cleared the left portion of the main chamber you can pull the Kergrim Gatekeeper boss. He is a 60k morale Kergrim withe a knockback. He has three 20k morale fel-claws with him. These should be killed first. Once the fel-claws are down focus on the gatekeeper while being careful of knockbacks into other battles. Keep the fight in the area you cleared out so this does not happen. All of these mobs can be CC'd including the gatekeeper.

Once you have defeated the gatekeeper you will now have access to the first boss and Minstrel boss in the next chamber. There are a couple pulls in between chambers but they are straight foward and the mobs can be readily attacked and or CC'd to pull, unlike the battles in the first chamber.

Once you reach the chamber of the first boss, you will see three elite Deep Claws. This is the boss fight. Two of these have 40k morale and the last having 80k morale. These cannot be CC'd. Kill the two 40k's first using a offtank, focusing on one then the next. It is very important to focus dps on just one at a time, killing one quickly and moving to the next. Once the two adds are down move on to the 80k morale Deep Claw. This one has a knockback. While fighting the adds and this boss the fellowship must be very careful of this as to not get kicked to the chamber entrance which will reset the fight.

Once the final Deep Claw is defeated, loot the chest for your rewards. Make sure any Minstrels doing their class quest do not activate the altar on top of the ramp in this chamber until everyone is ready. Doing so will activate the Minstrel boss fight.

Crack Tooth Minstrel Boss is activated by using the altar as mentioned earlier.Keep the fellowship on top of the ramp when you start this. This fight will start with waves of up to ten elite 10k morale Grodbog workers swarming out of the ground at once. Keep the tank and melee on the ramp-way. This will provide a choke-point for the tanks to grab these AoE mobs preventing them from reaching the rest of the fellow. If one should break through the choke-point on the ramp, someone must bring it back to the ramp away from the Minstrel and the ranged fellow. To stop these waves you must do one of two things, you must either AoE them all down or focus fire on one target at a time. This is a very important especially later in the instance. Once you have defeated a handful of waves of these workers, Cracktooth will pop out of the ground. This can be fought on the floor level. Do not fight on the floor level until then. Once he is dead you can move on to the final fight which is the Grodbog Queen.

From the Deep Claw chamber there is a tunnel on ground level which will lead you to the Royal Chamber. Entering you will see a huge corpse strewn hill on your right. The Queen is on top along with the defeated and dead King. Moving up the hill will start this event. It can be reset by running back into the Deep Claw chamber you came from if necessary.

Brumbereth, Queen Boss is a 80k morale Grodbog that has both a ranged and melee attack. She will not move far to melee, preferring ranged attacks. She will also summon three types of adds consistently throughout the fight. These adds are the priority of the fight.

The first type is a normal Grodbog worker which can be killed with one hit of any type. These are best dispatched with a quick AoE. The second type of add and most deadly is a Grodbog Defender which will hypnotize a random player. While they are doing this you will see an animation of a hypnotic swirl. That means they have a member of your fellow incapacitated. If it is the Guard or Minstrel this could prove disastrous. Kill these very quickly every time they come out. The third type is a elite Grodbog with 10k morale. These should be picked up and killed as well when they come out.

To kill this boss, have the tank start the fight. While the fellowship moves into a position near the Queen, but; not on top of. The Queen is HUGE ! If your fellow is too close to the Queen you will not be able to target the Grodbog that are hypnotizing your fellow members. If the tank disengages from the Queen she will start attacking with ranged as long as the tanks' threat is high enough. When adds come out, all dps including the tank must move to the hypnotizing Grodbog to kill them quickly. The Queen will also do a acid AoE on the fellowship every so often, regardless of what direction she is facing. In a nutshell, start the fight, adds come out, kill the adds quick, dps the Queen, adds come out, kill adds, dps Queen, collect lewtz. Finally this is a long and fast paced fight, the Queen is immune to conjunctions so you must try to get as many as you can off on the adds to restore power and morale which will be waning fast.

Once the Queen is dead, make sure everyone loots the Queen's corpse to get the quest item to start "Stinking Ward". This is the chain that will allow you to access the hard-mode boss at the entrance. The loot from the Queen is on the King's body on the top of the hill. Once loot is dispersed and everyone has their quest, head back to camp to turn it in and continue the rest of the instance. The fellowship must be reformed at this point to access the King*right* side of the instance.

Skumfil King right side

To get to the King, enter the instance, begin clearing the right side avoiding the pit/ramp nearby at the front. The battles on the right are the same as the rest of the chamber with one difference.

There are 1k morale Blind Crawlers squiggling around on the floor. When these are killed, which they can be easily, they will do one of a number of things, they will either summon a 40k morale Grodbog Hive Defender, or two 2k morale workers, or two 10k morale workers , or nothing at all. As such, never fight around these crawlers till you are ready for them. Always pull the mobs you are going to fight away from them.

Once you have cleared out the right side of battles you can access the Grodbog Gatekeeper which will allow you access to the right side bosses.

The Gatekeeper on the right side is a 40k morale Grodbog with a poison attack, it will attack in both melee and ranged. It also has two 20k morale Grodbog workers . The workers should be killed first while the gatekeeper is either tanked or CC'd. This is very similar to the Kergrim gatekeeper minus the knockback. The difference in this fight is that this gatekeeper will consistently attempt to go into ranged combat. Do not follow it! If you haven't cleared enough of the room following it around to kill it could activate other battles you did not initially clear. Best thing to do is just to run back toward the entrance making it come to the areas you already cleared. Once this boss is down you will have access to the right side of bosses. All of these mobs can be CC'd.

From the gatekeepers door, the pulls are already active and ready for combat. There are few mobs in-between, but; there are many crawlers. Pull the mobs back to you by kiting them so your fellow does not accidentally end up with a additional 40k morale grodbog to fight.

Once you have cleared the next passage, you will see a large Chamber in front of you identical to the chamber from the left side's boss. Do not go running right in !

In this Chamber you have Four, thats right Four!, Grodbygs. The altar for the Champion legendary trait quest is also in here. This is the boss fight for the right side..or should I say bosses!

Grodbyg bosses are four elites. The two closest to the left and right as you enter the chamber have 20k morale. The two furthest away at the back have 40k morale. You must defeat all four to succeed at this event.

To kill these you must move your fellow safely to the ramp with the altar that lies to the left of the entrance. Do not walk directly in front of the left Grodbog as it will activate the event. With the tank leading, walk the fellow directly into the center of the room. From there if you look at the bottom of the ramp to the left, you will see a small dirt mound. From the center of the room head in a straight line to that dirt mount and jump onto the ramp. This should get your fellow safely onto the ramp which is crucial. If you happen to accidentally aggro the bosses just run back to and inside the passage you came from resetting it.

Once everyone is safely on the platform up the ramp, put marks on the two 20k morale Grodbyg. Put your hunters or Lm's in position in the middle of the room. They will root or trap the two 80k morale Grodbyg to start the pull. These can be rooted and trapped, but not mezzed. Once this happens the two 20k morale Grodbygs will run at them unless the tank pulls them quick enough. The CC'ers in the middle need to get to the ramp and the tank quickly. When you initially pull this all four of these bosses will be active in combat, however, after the event starts every 20 secs or so the Grodbyg will go into a burrowing mode making them inactive and unable to attack or be attacked. This is the key to the fight.

Once the pull has occurred, you should have the two 40k's on the floor safely away from the main fight on the platform. Be sure to not be in line of sight of the two that are trapped down below, as they will ranged attack you. This is very important. The damage from all four attacking at once is far too much for one person to heal through. At this point you should have the two 20k morale bugs with you up on the platform. You must focus fire on one before it goes into burrowing attempting to kill it before the 40k bugs below break free and rush the fellow. These bugs prefer melee over ranged, but they will ranged if they cannot reach you, hence using the line of sight defense on the platform.

When the trap/root wears the 40k's will come up to say Hi ! At this point is when burrowing mode will start to kick in. Hopefully you only have three up at this point and have killed the first 20k bug, leaving one to deal with at a time. When burrowing mode begins it is imperative that you kill the 20k morale mobs 1st. Everyone should be attacking or waiting to attack the 40k's as they exit burrowing mode. No one but the tank should be attacking the 40k's at all until the 20k's are dead.

As the the fellow is killing or waiting to kill the 20k's the tank should be dealing with the 40k's. There will be a point where you will have both 40k's on the tank at once if they have aggro and no one has attacked them at all. The tank needs to kite them until the fellow is ready for them. To do this, when the 40k's come up to the platform, jump off it and hug the wall. This will break line of sight and they will come down to you as they prefer to melee. Try to keep them below, giving time to the fellow to either re trap/root them, or have them go into burrowing mode below and safely away from the fellow. Once you have the 40k's below you must head back up to the platform to help with the 20k's.

Remember having them below the platform only works if the entire fellowship is out of their line of sight to attack in ranged. Otherwise they will attack whoever they can target. There is a small door leading to the Royal Chamber at the top you can use to do this.

Once the two 20k's are down, you can then begin to work on the 40k's who will swap in and out of burrowing mode. Keep one below as often as possible either trapped or in it's burrow. Once you have killed all four you have defeated the event and can loot the chest, as well as move on to the King or activate the Champion quest boss.

Champion Quest boss is a summoned 80k morale Grodbog. Using the altar at the top of the platform will activate it. Do not do this until you have already killed the bosses in this room. Once summoned it will appear on the floor of the middle of the chamber. It's a simple tank and spank with poisons.

Once you have cleared this chamber it's time to move on to the King. The passage to the Royal Chamber is on the floor level and is easy to overlook. There are crawlers and Grodbyg Defenders in this passage, be careful not to kill the crawlers until you are ready for them. After this passage is clear, you have access to the King. Who is now on top of the hill with the dead and defeated Queen.

The King, Grimreaver, boss is a 80k morale Kergrim. He has 2k morale Fel-claw adds he summons every 20 secs that cast a power draining disease. The King will attack in melee and ranged, but he will not move one inch. He is King of his hill!

If you are on his hill he will intermittently knockback and stun 1-3 players far enough to break their legs to get them off his hill. All the while summoning adds and attacking the fellow. Having the entire fellow on the hill can become a disaster.

To kill Grimreaver, move the fellow into the chamber to the base of the hill, do not activate him though! If you do you can run back to the entrance to reset the event. Locate the doorway on the far side of the chamber door from where you entered doing the left side. It's the doorway you entered previously to fight the Queen from doing the other side of the instance. You are going to use this doorway to hide from the King! That's right, hide.

As soon as the fight starts the King will summon upwards of 10 Fel-claws. Being in this doorway will make them all go to the same spot that the fellow is standing in, making it easier to dispatch them quickly and preventing power from getting drained. The ranged members in the group are going to poke their heads out of the hidey hole and start ranging the King down. Essentially, the ranged players are tanking and killing the King while the rest of the Fellow supports them and dispatches adds as they come. You can use this hidey hole to regenerate morale and power hiding from the King as long as you want. Although, the adds will keep coming. The King and his adds are both immune to Conjunctions. All the while the while random members of the fellow will be getting stunned with acid damage. This is a long fight but not a boring one. Cleansing or using pots to get rid of disease is very helpful.

Your other option is to go into melee range of the King, this I do not suggest. Doing it this way you have huge scattered mobs of adds, all the while getting stunned and punted to a broken leg while the adds chase you down.

Once Grimreaver is dead, you can loot his body for the last part of the stinking ward quest to get your key to the hard-mode boss at the entrance. The loot from this event is on the Queen's corpse. have defeated the King and Queen of Skumfil, what next? I'll tell you..spiders! Lot's of them.

After everyone has turned in their quests and such, reform your fellow. If you do not you cannot access hard-mode. Once you activate either side of the instance, hard-mode is not accessible.

Hard-mode Boss, Hwadrim the Spider is a 80k Morale Spider in the back of a underground chamber in Skumfil. When you enter the instance there is a ramp directly in front of you. You can either fall into this ramp or go down it from the left. If you dont fall in, you have to clear the battle to the left or it will aggro.

Once below, kill the three spiders guarding the door. Take a deep breath...look in, yes, your eyes do not deceive. Youre about to kill more spiders than any deed could ever require! There are two types of mobs in here to access the Boss.

The first is a pack of four Spider Tenders, all 7.5k morale that all aggro at once. The second are roaming guard's that have 40k Morale. Before you enter make sure to note the patrols that the 40k's are making. Especially the Guard patrol that goes to the middle of the archway of the boss chamber, between the two sets of two stationary Guards. Right as you open the door this guard patrol will immediately spawn directly in front of you. Mark that one. If you attempt to pass the archway area while this Guard is patrolling there, it will aggro everything in the area. Making one single bad pull in here will result in a wipe.

Here is the challenge, every 2 mins anything you have killed will repopulate. This includes during the boss fight. Your fellow must all move together in this chamber being careful not to aggro anything that is not intended. All the while being wary of the 40k morale patrols. There is refuge though...hidey holes ! All along the walls there are holes that the fellowship can hide in to get a quick breather. Take note of them , because just like the King...your going to be hiding somewhat from this boss too.

Here is how you do it. When you enter, your fellow must move all as one unit with the Guardian leading through the first pack of four Spiders Tenders on the right. Timing it correctly, you can avoid the two nearby Guards that patrol nearby. Run through them and drag them to the hole behind the webs in the far right corner of the wall. You must AoE them down, try to not kill them all at once as they will all repop all at once. Take a moment of two before finishing them each off to give a second or two between their repops. They will also lay fungal egg sacs with 1k morale that will burst and AoE damage the anyone nearby. Take these down as often as possible.

I would suggest the leader have raid marks hot keyed for quick dps/tank assists. Mark the two Guardians on the right side of the archway before you pull them to this 1st hole. Once you have killed your 1st pack of four, you have zero time to rest, be ready to move. You must move on to the next group or be forced to fight the same group again making no progress.

Making your way to the hidey hole you are going to pick up the two 40k Guardians at the archway to the boss chamber. You cannot avoid this. Pull the two Guards along the right side of the archway, bringing them back to the spider pack you are standing in. Do not run up to them as the patrol mentioned earlier will eventually aggro the other two Guards on the left side of the archway. You do not want more than two of these at a time.

When you get the two marked guards from the right side, kill the small spider pack 1st. The Guards should be dps'd down to about 2-3k morale initially. When your sure that the patrol that you marked earlier is at or near the entrance and not in middle of the archway to the boss chamber, kill the remaining two Guards with 2-3k health. Now very quickly hug the right wall and run through the archway to the right into the next spider pack, bringing any spider pack adds you have along with you. Running into the far right corner here, there is a hidey hole as well to give you some breathing room. There are three patrolling Guards in this Chamber as well. If you time your movement right, you can avoid pulling these while making your way around the back right side of the chamber. Should you get one, dps it down last, bringing it with you to the next spider pack as your fellow makes it's way to the next hole. Avoiding it respawning and stalling you.

Slow and steady movement, and using pure of heart as a fellow move will keep you going through this. You will most likely not leave combat much at all until you find the hole to hide in along the wall.

Keep leapfrogging like this all the way around the back right side of the chamber. Eventually you will come to a large alcove filled with bones and debris. It's the third spider tender pack along the right wall once you have made it past the archway guards. There is where you will fight the boss. There is a hole here as well that you can use to get breathing room if needed. If you have a Guard with you. DO NOT KILL IT YET. You are about to pull the boss once you clear the spider tender pack. Bring the Guard down to 3-5k morale, then have the tank pull the boss. Once the boss is activated kill the Guard. Any Spiders killed after the Boss is activated will not respawn!

The tank is going to fight the boss right in front of the alcove in range of ranged dps and their healer. Any adds that come must be killed.

The Boss will lay down a AoE acid effect that will sizzle the entire fellow if it's allowed to spray into your comfy little hole. When the Boss starts dripping acid from it's mandible and pointing its rear to the sky, or you see the induction effect at its feet, the tank must keep it just away from the alcove and immediately move away from the area the acid pool gets dropped at. The acid pool lasts about 30 secs each. It is possible to have more than one at a time while fighting. The AoE acid has a large effect which looks like a glowing haze of noxious gas.

When you get a patrolling Guard or pack adds, the fellowship must drag these into the alcove and kill them, leaving the tank and ranged dps to deal with the Boss. The rest of the fellow must make sure to dispatch adds and get them off the tank as quickly as possible.

There are three phases to this fight

Phase 1
The boss comes from the middle to the tank. She will occasionally do a knockback that will send you clear across the room if your back is not to the alcove. If this happens make sure the healer knows it has happened and can move some to get in range of you. Once you are back in the alcove area, the healer can go back to their original position. During these first couple knockbacks clear out any adds you may get. Once the boss is brought down to roughly 60% health she will run to the middle and begin phase two. Do not follow her, stay where you are. She will come back to the tank.

Phase 2
The tank at this point just has to wait for the boss to return to the alcove to begin fighting again. During phase 2 the boss will begin dropping the acid pools as well as continuing to do knockbacks. While the tank is manuvering the boss to avoid acid pools, the Minstrel must make sure they are in range, stepping out of the alcove if necessary. The acid deals roughly 7-900 damage a tick every two seconds. She will also root the tank to the ground at times. That combined with a knockback can mean the tank can end up out of range and in trouble rather quickly if not careful. The boss will also begin to summon adds that she will devour and heal herself with if they are not aggro'd immediately. Any melee dps needs to make sure adds are completely under control and that they are not standing in a acid pool before dps'ing the boss. Once she reaches roughly 27k morale/30% she will begin phase 3. She will run to the center again and become enraged. Do not follow her.

Phase 3
Right as the boss comes back to fellowship, she will summon a pack of spider tenders, one guard, and her own adds from the middle that she was summoning during phase 2. If the tank is out front of the alcove they will head right for him. The fellowship must peel them off the tank and dispatch these before continuing on the boss. If the tank gets rooted during phase 3 it could get ugly. During this phase the boss is enraged and will drop acid pools roughly every 15 secs. Should the melee's find a moment without adds and step in to dps the boss a bit, they must be very careful of the acid, and aware of any new adds that appear. The adds are the priority here, much like the King and Queen fights before this. Take the boss slow and steady as the tank has to move around quite a bit in front of the alcove, should someone pull aggro dps'ing the spider will most likely come to the fellow and drop a acid pool right in your hole deep frying your entire fellow. If that happens the person who did needs to run away from the fellow to the front of the alcove.

Keep the pace up and eventually the boss will die. It is a long fight, and meant to be. Rushing will get you killed , a broken weapon, and another run through the spider gauntlet. Move carefully and pay attention to your surroundings. Once Hwadrim is dead, all the spiders in the chamber will despawn, leaving you the fungus chest in the middle to loot.

Note: Pay attention to all the spiders including the boss. Should a member of the fellow pull aggro or get knocked up on top of the side of the wall near the hole, they may go into anti-exploit mode. Should this happen make sure to get them unstuck quickly. Should they reset due to anti-exploit mode, the entire chamber including the boss will despawn. It will not reset until the front door you came in is opened again, meaning you have to fight your way to the boss all over again. Should this happen however it is a good opportunity to explore the chamber for all the hidey holes it has to offer.

Also, it is helpful to have item names on in your UI. Should you get disoriented in the hidey holes you can regain your bearings by locating the Fungal Sac chest in the center of the chamber near the boss. Marking a member of the fellow in the holes while fighting the boss is also helpful as it can help the tank see where and how far they need to be in regards to where the fellow is holed up.

Final note, one thing about Skumfil that holds true to the entire instance, is dispatch the adds and lowest morale mobs 1st. They pose a greater threat to the fellow than the main mob if left unattended. Pure of Heart CJ is going to keep your fellow able to endure through these long boss events. Unless your ICPR is somewhere in the thousands, you are very much going to need it. Poison and Diseases also are rampant in this instance so make sure your entire fellow is prepared for this instance before starting.

I hope this has helped you! Some parts I'll end up clarifying as time goes on but feel free to add comments/corrections below.

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